Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

“Liturgy is like a strong tree whose beauty is derived from the continuous renewal of its leaves, but whose strength comes from the old trunk, with solid roots in the ground.” ~ Pope Paul VI

Renewal to me is about starting over and getting the chance to do things better the next time.  It’s about improving upon ourselves through the tearing down and rebuilding.  At times we fear the new beginning but it’s rare that beginning is not the start of something better in our lives even though we feel at the time like we are losing the ground we stand upon.  These pictures remind me of those times for building something new and renewing our faith that the world will always allow us to start over with a fresh start if we choose to do so.

Beginning of a New Friendship

Beginning of a New Friendship


Rainbow over fall veggies

Promise of a New Day


Older man and woman

Starting Over with a Fresh Chance at Love


Sun breaking through a Storm Cloud

After the Rain


Waterlily bud with canna leaf reflection in water

Budding Beauty








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